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Stockdale’s currently operates seven locations across Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Stockdale’s is the shopping destination of choice for items to pamper your pets and horses, top-of-the-line clothing and footwear for all types of activities, outdoor equipment for hunting and camping, lawn and gardening gear, country-inspired gifts and decor, supplies for farming operations and much more.

Remaining true to their roots, Stockdale’s focuses on being an important resource in the communities their stores serve, creating a place for sharing knowledge and support. The same founding principles of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative—work ethic, quality products and services, and knowledgeable employees—are the defining qualities of Stockdale’s.

Whether that means hosting informational seminars on topics like beekeeping or raising backyard chickens, knowing what species of insects trouble local flowers, or advising a weekend gardener on the best fertilizer, Stockdale’s is committed to providing their communities with the best local advice.


Stockdale’s goal remains aligned with goals of the TFC founding farmers—to promote and protect the rural “way of life.” Driven by a passion of the future of their local communities, Stockdale’s is a proud sponsor for several local youth organizations including: 4H, FFA, Boy Scouts, High School Rodeo and many more. When you support Stockdale’s, you’re supporting the farmers, families, and friends in your neighborhoods.


Our History

The first Stockdale’s store opened in June 2006 in Hixson, Tennessee, but the story of Stockdale’s begins much earlier. In 1945, farmers across the state came together to form the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC). Their goal was to ensure that the individuals closely connected with the land and local community would be the ones to supply goods to the people living, working, and growing in those communities. TFC was committed to the towns and rural areas they served to provide quality products backed by experience gained through generations of farming families. As time passed, the connection between local farmers and those communities waned, and with it, the connection to the land and community focus the local farmers sought to protect more than 70 years ago. Banding together again, the Hixson Stockdale’s store opened to reconnect with the local farming community, both rural and increasingly urban, and spread the same co-op values—sharing knowledge, products and support with integrity—that TFC started with long ago.