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Pet Supplies

At Stockdale’s pet supply store in Tennessee, we invite you to bring your favorite four-legged, furry friend when you shop for pet supplies because we’re pet lovers, too! Leashed pets are always welcome at any of our pet supply stores. While you’re here, you’ll find everything you need to keep your pets and animals healthy, happy, and safe. We offer everyday items like quality cat and dog food from popular brands like Blue Buffalo and Hill’s Science Diet. We also carry plenty of toys, treats, and pet supplies for the four-legged family members.

Are some of your family members feathered? Backyard chickens have a special place in our heart too. Stockdale’s has a large selection of quality poultry products, everything from GMO free organic feed to special treats.

  • Aspen Pet Porter 2 Large (#1602463)

  • Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (#110149650)

  • Barnhome III Doghouse Large (#16392)

  • Bella Bowl Large Pet Feeding Bowl Espresso  (#1744926)

  • Bella Bowl Medium Pet Feeding Bowl  (#1744929)

  • Betsy Farms Surf ‘N’ Turf 8oz (#110165712)

  • Bil-Jac Breakfast Dog Treats 4 oz. (#110159036)

  • Bil-Jac Little Jacs liver Treats Small Dog (#110159027)

  • Bil-Jac Liver Treats 20oz. (#110159028)

  • Boss Pet Bella Bowl SS Copper (Dog) Medium (1744933)

  • Complete Kennel 10’x10’x6’

  • Cool Pup Pet Toys (#1958116)

  • Cow Dress Pet Costume

  • Dart Duo Interactive Laser Cat Toy (#1784429)

  • Dog Crate Double Door Wire Giant (#21385)

  • DOOG Captain Fantastick Dog Toy(#110193019)