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It doesn’t matter what season it is, Stockdale’s in Tennessee can help you keep your Lawn & Garden looking its best. When you’re ready to play in the dirt, come see us for expert advice on growing the greenest yard or a vegetable garden with the biggest produce. We have all the products you’ll need, from seeds and fertilizer to pesticides and repellents. Plus, every Spring our Garden Center overflows with the healthy plants guaranteed to thrive in your lawn & garden.

Our Lawn & Garden experts are here to help. As America’s Rural Outfitter’s, Stockdale’s Lawn & Garden Store in Tennessee prides itself on being a local resource for all of your Lawn & Garden needs and for being not only your partner, but also your neighbor.

Lawn and Garden Stores in Tennessee & Kentucky

Stockdale’s currently operates six locations across Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Stockdale’s is the top-choice for items to care for your pets and horses, rural/outdoor footwear, outdoor, hunting and camping, lawn & garden gear, country-inspired gifts and decor, supplies for farming operations and much more.

Stockdale’s focuses on being an important resource in the communities their stores serve, creating a place for sharing knowledge and support.

Whether that means hosting informational seminars on topics like beekeeping or raising backyard chickens, knowing what species of insects trouble local flowers, or advising a weekend gardener on the best fertilizer, Stockdale’s is committed to providing their communities with the best local advice.

  • 15-15-15 All Purpose Fertilizer

  • Ames Leaf Rake Poly Tine Steel Handle (1601710)

  • Ames Snow Shovel Aluminum Blade   (#110037953) 

    Ames Snow Shovel Heavy duty 24” aluminum pusher 11 X 24 inch blade

  • Ames True Temper Snow Shovel (#1599990)

    Ames True Temper Snow Shovel Ergonomic handle High density poly blade Oversized D-grip

  • Anchor Hocking Mason Jars 1 Pint (#110195640)

  • Apex Industrial Water Hose 5/8” x 25’ (#714753)

    Apex Industrial Water Hose 5/8” x 25’ Made of premium rubber Hot or cold water Sleeve that prevents kinking

  • Apex Water Hose Medium Duty 5/8” x 75” (#714752)

  • Audubon Park Bell Woodpecker 13 oz. (#6823922)

  • Audubon Park Black Oil Sunflower 10# (2040992)

  • Audubon Park Cracked Corn 10# (#2041005)

  • Audubon Park Critter Crunch 15# (#2041006)

  • Audubon Park Fruit & Nut Seed Cake 2.4# (#2040995)

  • Audubon Park Hummingbird Food 9 oz. (#2024819)

  • Audubon Park Mealworm Bell 12oz. (#6823920)

  • Audubon Park Mealworm Seed Cake 1.5# (#2040990)

  • Audubon Park Mealworms 8 oz. (#2041021)