There’s just something special about horses; Stockdale’s understands that. Caring for these graceful animals takes passion, commitment, and all the right tools. We share your enthusiasm, so we offer everything you and your horses may need. We carry everything from riding attire and tack to feed, treats, and medicines. You put lots of time and energy into caring for your horses, and we’re dedicated to doing the same to bring you only the highest-quality equine products.

  • Adjustable Halter with Snap      (#728532)                                   

  • Bimectrin Paste Horse Wormer #374848

    Sale Price: $2.99

  • Bronco Equine Fly Spray

    Ready-To-Use Water-Based formula. Insecticide and repellent that kills flies, ticks, fleas and lice. Pleasant Citronella scent. 32 oz. Spray Bottle

  • Equi-Jec 6 #6824861

    Sale Price: $44.99

  • Grazing Muzzle with Crown       (#309940)                                     

  • Lead Rope with Brass Snap       (#1021243)    

  • Manna Pro Fly Spray Pro-Force #1414117

    Sale Price: $12.99

  • Opti-Force Fly Spray

    Equine fly spray that repels and provides quick knockdown of flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Sweat resistant formula. Great for trail riding, the show ring or grazing in the pasture. Long lasting 14 day weather resistance.

  • Pinnacle Horse Feed

    Sale Price: $1.00 off on 50# bag

  • Poly Lead Rope (#1021243)

  • Pro-Force Fly Mask

    Acts as a physical barrier from flies and harmful UV rays. Comfortable fit with adjustable fasteners. Comes in multiple sizes to fit horses 900 to 1200 lbs.

  • Pyranha Nulli-Fly Spray #6800551

    Sale Price: $4.99

  • Weatherbeeta Saxon 1200D Ripstop Medium

  • Weatherbeeta Saxon 1200D Ripstop Medium: (#1829422)

  • Weaver Adjustable Snap Halter (#728532)

  • Weaver Split Reins (#310064)