Those Moles Have Got to Go!

Moles are known for being garden and yard pests found around the world. Moles are highly territorial, carnivorous small animals that feed on earthworms, grubs, and insects.

What moles are most known for is their use of tunnels to travel. But these tunnels are more than just underground highways. Moles dig special chambers at the ends of tunnels that serve as bedrooms and birthing areas.

Looking to eliminate mole damage such as tunnels and mounds in your yard? Bonide has the answer with moleMAX, a mole and vole repellant. With long lasting granules, one treatment can last up to three months, and will repel other animals such as skunks, voles, squirrels, and more.

The liquid and granule formulations penetrate the soil and make a treated area unpleasant for burrowing animals, including moles and voles. A 10 lb. bag of granule moleMAX will cover up to 5,000 sq. ft. of yard space, and 1lb. of liquid will cover 500 sq. ft.

Head to your local Stockdale’s now for your moleMAX and other great Bonide products.