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Target Trouble Areas with Spot Sprayers

So you don’t have enough acreage to need a large, self-propelled or tractor-mounted sprayer, but you have more ground to cover than a small, hand-held sprayer will handle. Your solution is a spot sprayer.

Unlike boom or broadcast sprayers, which cover everything in their path, spot sprayers allow you to do exactly what the name implies: target specific trouble spots around houses, buildings, and other tight trouble spots. Spot sprayers are useful for jobs like spraying fencerows, driveways, large lawns, landscapes, and underneath electric fences. They’re handy in targeting certain weeds like thistles without harming surrounding vegetation.

In contrast to the typical hand-held or backpack sprayer that you have to pump up to use, spot sprayers are equipped with external motorized pumps as well as handguns and longer hoses for easier application. The pumps do not pressurize the tank, but actually draw the solution and pressurize the sprayer’s plumbing system. Because they’re usually mounted to an ATV or towed by a trailer attached to a riding mower or utility vehicle, spot sprayers are convenient to use when you’ve got a large area to treat.

Spot sprayers come in different tank sizes and styles. A basic rule of thumb is that as you go up in price, you also increase the gallons-per-minute (GPM) capacity of the sprayer and the number of features. Co-op carries quality spot sprayers from AgSpray in 15-gallon and 25-gallon capacities with pumps that range from 1 GPMto 2.1 GPM.

Our most popular model is the basic Co-op Spot Sprayer (#73950 15-gallon tank and #73951 25-gallon tank), which comes with a poly handgun, 1-GPM pump, 10-foot hose, and an in-tank filtration system. This unit is great for simple applications and occasional use.

Our second-most popular model is the top-of-the-line Deluxe Spot Sprayer (#73736 15-gallon, #73716 25-gallon), a good choice for heavy-duty jobs and more frequent use. It features a sturdy aluminum handgun, 15-foot hose, 2.1-GPM pump, pressure gauge, and bypass agitation for thorough chemical mixing. Plus, this sprayer has an external strainer bowl for easy cleaning.

Co-op also offers several other sprayers in between the basic and deluxe models in addition to the Thrifty 2 Nozzle Trailer Sprayer (#73738) that comes mounted on a pull-behind cart for convenient use with a lawnmower, ATV, or utility vehicle. In addition to a handgun, this sprayer comes with a two-nozzle adjustable boom that covers a 6-foot-wide area.

When you start surveying your property this spring and decide you need a spot sprayer to whip it back in shape, check with your local Stockdale’s for more details and available options. Find the closest Stockdale’s to you here.