Safe Handling of Pesticides - Stockdales

Safe Handling of Pesticides

Farmers and gardeners can control insect pests with reasonable safety by observing these safety rules:

  • Keep pesticides in the original, labeled container.
  • Keep pesticides in a locked storage cabinet or contained environment.
  • Read the label each time you use the pesticide.
  • Measure the amount to be mixed carefully.
  • Do not exceed the recommended rate of application; using extra does not give more control.
  • Handle the pesticide carefully when mixing to avoid splashing liquid concentrates and billowing of dust and powders.
  • Wear protective clothing and other personal protective equipment as dictated by the label.
  • To protect yourself when mixing pesticides, it is suggested that protective clothing and equipment, such as chemical-resistant gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and protective eyewear, be worn.
  • Wash all pesticides off the skin immediately, using plenty of soap and water.
  • Avoid breathing the spray mist or vapor.
  • Always mix pesticides outdoors near a source of water.
  • Clean up any spilled material to prevent children and pets from entering a heavily contaminated area.
  • Apply pesticides only to those plants listed on the label.
  • Observe the time intervals between the last application and harvest.

Look to your local Stockdale’s for advice on selecting the best pesticide for every application and added tips for safe handling.