Roasted Soybeans Are Now Being Used in Co-op Equine Rations

Whether you're feeding a performance horse or family companion, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative has a quality product to help keep your horse happy and healthy. And now, that quality is even better with the addition of roasted soybeans to 4 Pinnacle horse feeds.

Soybean by products have always been among the most highly acceptable feedstuffs, but rarely have whole soybeans been utilized in horse diets. Soybeans are a natural and important source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and high-energy oils in many animal feeds. Protein quality is essential since it is the building block in the development and sustainment of organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, and other vital body systems.

The equine digestive system is designed to break down forage through fermentation in the hindgut, potentially supplying 70 percent of a horse’s daily energy requirement. Exercised, nursing, or underweight equines must be supplemented with protein-rich, energy-dense feedstuffs that are easily digested to meet higher nutritional requirements not met with hay and/or pasture alone.

It’s extremely important to note, however, that roasting soybeans prior to feeding horses is absolutely essential. The roasting process destroys unwanted urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors which prevent protein digestion in the small intestine. At the same time, roasting makes soybean protein, fat, and amino acid easier to digest. Additionally, roasted soybeans are a high-fat ingredient that provides digestible fatty acids, specifically omega 6 and precursors of omega 3.


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