Removing Mirror Blind Spots

Some of the most serious preventable accidents occur because of blind spots while driving. Now there is a remarkable yet simple solution discovered by an engineer named George Platter.

The National Safety Council tested his theory and discovered, to their amazement, that it works! Here’s how:

First, forget how we learned to adjust our outside mirrors by plopping behind the steering wheel and turning the mirrors so that we just saw the side of our car looking back at us in the mirrors.

Instead, adjust the driver’s side mirror by resting your head against the driver’s side window and then turning the mirror so that you just see the side of your car.

Once this is set, move to the center of the vehicle and turn the passenger side mirror so that you can just see the side of your car from the center of the vehicle.

That’s it! You won’t see your own car in either mirror, yet what you will see is far better. Cards behind you show up as usual in the inside rear-view mirror above the dash, but the instant the car leaves your field of vision from the rear-view mirror, the outside mirror picks it up. No blind spot, no delays, no wondering where that car about to pass you disappeared to, and no waiting a few seconds for the car that you just saw in your rear-view mirror to show up in your outside mirrors.

All three mirrors work in harmony with one another, and the blind spot has been eliminated! Of course, you have got to be sure to regularly use your mirrors while driving (especially before passing).