Planting Food Plots? The Time is Now!

Planting food plots on hunting grounds is a great way to attract more deer and help them develop larger antlers. If you’re a sportsman wondering when is the proper time to plant those plots, the simple answer is now.

In the spring, deer begin to leave their herds in search of better living quarters, hideouts, and food sources to regain fat reserves burned during the winter months. Hunters who take the time now to begin properly establishing new food sources will increase the odds of mature bucks calling their property home. More importantly, more does will naturally be feeding in the area when the fall breeding season approaches.

The experts at Stockdale’s, a farm supply store, suggest planting your plots with Imperial whitetail clover sowed at eight to 10 pounds per acre. It works well on logging roads, trails, or open wooded areas. There are also several choices in the Biologic seed lineup that can be planted this spring. You might also consider planting soybeans, peas, and buckwheat during late spring for a temporary plot.

In addition to food plots, now’s the time to prepare the proper mineral/salt areas for your bucks before they begin growing antlers. As the summer months approach, bucks need these minerals to enhance antler growth to its fullest potential.

This is the time to visit your animal feed store. Visit your local Stockdale’s for products and advice about creating food plot areas on hunting land.