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Livestock System

In this video, Barry Gray, Regional Livestock Specialist, discusses things to consider when purchasing a livestock system, including safety for you and your animals, durability and longevity. The livestock systems purchased at Stockdale’s have many great benefits and features. Barry…

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Defeating Pesky Crabgrass

Defeating crabgrass in your yard: challenging, but not impossible! This problematic clump grass is an annual pest that is most known for growing in the thin and bare spots across your lawn. Before this coarse, yellowish-green grass dies each fall,…

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4 Simple Steps to Create a Home for Your Chicks

Get a Container A large cardboard box, kiddie pool or tub will work as long as it will keep the chick from jumping out Add Bedding to the Bottom Pine shavings or shredded newspaper are great choice. Providing traction helps…

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Choose Mineral Supplements to Complement Your Forages

Most likely, forages are not able to meet the requirements of cattle for several essential minerals regardless of season.  In Tennessee, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and selenium are deficient in most grazing situations.  While forages are not completely devoid of these…

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How to harvest honey

It’s almost that time of year, when all your hard work and care that has gone into raising your bees pays off in a sweet way, and you’re able to harvest some of the honey they’ve produced. Honey is pretty…

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