November Gardening Checklist

November. It is now cold, windy, and rainy and gardening is done for another year. Or is it?

Here is a checklist of things that could be done this month in your garden or yard:

1. Plant bulbs. As long as the ground is not frozen, it is not too late to plant spring flowering bulbs.
2. Plant trees and shrubs. It is still not too late to plant trees and shrubs. Just make sure to mulch well around the root ball and crown after planting to keep them insulated for as long as possible.
3. Plant a cover crop on your vegetable garden. It may still not be too late to plan a cover crop over your vegetable garden. If the temperatures are still above freezing, he might want to consider telling your garden and planting it cover crops such as winter rise which quickly germinate income conditions. Make sure to rake in the seed- birds are looking for good now since so many shrubs no longer have berries or fruit on them.
4. Weed! Now is a great time to weed your card. The ground is moist so the weeds come out easily and it will stay weed free throughout the winter.
5. Wildlife. If you’re a bird watcher, or would like to be, now is the time to check your birdfeeders, clean them up, and get them ready for winter time feeling. Stop by your local Stockdale’s to stock up on birdseed and other goodies for your wildlife friends bring in that hummingbird feeder; you won’t need that until next spring a lot of wildlife also enjoy fruit such as apples and oranges.

Above all, enjoy your last bit of time left in the garden this year, whether it be doing one of the tasks listed above or just walking and taking in the sights and sounds of the changing seasons happening around you.