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Minerals are a must for good horse health

Proper minerals are very important to the health of horses. Whether you have mature pasture horses or high-performance endurance animals, a balanced-mineral fortification is necessary.

The Pinnacle horse mineral line includes loose horse mineral, horse mineral blocks, and a 20% supplement block. Each of these supplements is formulated to provide the same vitamin and mineral features that are beneficial for your horse while providing a form that fits your feeding practices.

How do you decide which of these minerals best fit your feeding program?

Co-op Pinnacle Horse Mineral (#96633), available in a 25-pound bag, can be fed free choice or top-dressed on an unfortified ration at a rate of one to four ounces per head daily.

If you prefer a mineral block, the 25-pound Co-op Horse Mineral Block (#96014) can be fed free choice to pastured horses that have plenty of high-quality forage. We recommend one block per five horses. Horses should consume one to four ounces daily.

If you are looking to provide pastured horses with supplemental protein in addition to minerals, we recommend the Co-op Protein Horse Supplement Block (#96013). This apple-favored block is manufactured in 33 pound form. Horses should consume between one half to one and one half pounds per 1,000 pounds of body weight daily.

No matter which of these products you select, remember to provide good-quality forage and access to clean, fresh water at all times.