Manage Your Pregnant Mare’s Diet Carefully

Proper care and feeding of mares during pregnancy is vital to both the mare and foal. It’s important for the pregnant mare to maintain moderate to moderately fleshy body condition throughout pregnancy. After foaling and during lactation, mares will lose weight rapidly. Proper feeding throughout this critical time will help mares maintain body condition and may aid with the large energy drain associated with lactation.

For best results, provide a diet of high quality forages. It is best to have pasture/hay tested. It is also best to avoid endophyte-infested fescue forages as they can pose a risk to horses.

You should always provide a balanced ration for best results. Resist the urge to overfeed the pregnant mare as obesity may cause complications during delivery. Mares require the proper balance of vitamins & minerals, including major & trace minerals during this time. While the essential feedstuff should be forage, sufficient intake of necessary vitamin & minerals will need to be supplemented.

A good choice is Co-op Pinnacle Mare & Foal. This nutrient-dense, textured feed is designed to provide optimum nutrition to pregnant and lactating mares as well as young, growing horses up to 2 years of age.