Lime, pH and Nutrient Availability

Visit A Lawn and Garden Store for Soil Lime & pH Analysis

We often forget lawn care once fall approaches but it may be the best time to give your lawn a routine physical examination.

A soil test is the most effective way to determine soil pH and get a reliable recommendation for liming and soil fertilization.

Nutrient availability and plant growth are optimum at a range of 5.8 to 7.0 for most soils and plant species. Lime corrects soil acidity and improves the availability of essential plant nutrients. It also improves the overall soil health and tilth, resulting in greater root system exploration for nutrients.

Lime improves nutrient and water uptake while protecting the soil from wind and erosion. Lime can increase fertilizer efficiency by as much as 50 percent or more and boost the effectiveness of certain herbicides.

Lime can take months to effectively change the soil pH, thus giving the advantage of fall application.  Rain, snow, and the cycles of freezing and thawing help lime break down and begin working.

Some typical signs that your lawn needs lime:

  • Growth of moss
  • Excess invasion of problem weeds
  • Fertilizer may not appear to be working
  • Grass begins yellowing

Bring a small sample of your soil by your local Stockdale’s lawn and garden stores, for a pH analysis and get started on your routine maintenance program this fall.