Let Them Have Their Cake

What are “suet cakes?” This product has been around for many generations, but only in the form of a cake for less than 20 years. Suet cakes are made from rendered beef fat combined with different seeds, fruits, and other ingredients, and formed into the now popular square shape. Suet is not only a highly desired food source for many birds, but also a much-needed staple in their diets.

Suet is now fed year-round by many avid bird enthusiasts. Because it’s an excellent source of instant energy and high protein, it takes on even more importance as an addition to backyard bird feeding stations during cold weather.

As an added benefit, more than 80 species of birds are attracted to suet, including the downy and red bellied woodpecker --- chances are good that you will see new and different birds coming to your feeding area.

Birds have a very high metabolism and body temperatures ranging from 101 degrees to 112 degrees. During cold weather, a goof, reliable source of energy and protein, which suet will provide, becomes more critical than ever. Not only will you be doing your beautiful feathered friends a favor by providing them with a flavorful treat, you can take pride in the fact you are personally helping them survive the winter.

Wildlife Science Products are formulated from “food grade” beef fat. The packaging, with an easy-peel opening tab and leak-prood design, assures not only a fresh product every time but also virtually eliminates any mess in handling. Suet cakes feeders are easy to fill and allow birds to feed from the cake from all sides.

Ask your neighborhood Stockdale’s Wildlife Science suet products.