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Know Your Seed Tag

When selecting lawn or pasture seed there is a lot of information on the seed tag. What do the terms actually mean?Lawn and seed from local lawn and garden stores in Tennessee

  • Pure Seed: The percentage of the crop seed in weight.
  • Inert Matter: The percentage in weight of sand, sticks, broken seed parts, or other items present that are not pure seed.
  • Other Crop Seed: The percentage of other crops included in the seed bag.  For example, if the lot in question is crimson clover, the other seed may be vetch or wheat.
  • Weed Seed: The percentage in weight of weed seed.  Some of the seed may be noxious according to the state seed law; most states require that the percentage of weed seed be below a set number. Tennessee’s limit is 2.5 percent.
  • Name and number of noxious weed seed per pound: Each state has regulations that list the total number of noxious weed seed that are allowed in a pound of seed.  Each state has a different list.

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