Know Before You Tow

What You Need To Know Before You Tow

On the farm, it’s a regular course of business for a pickup or flatbed truck to be moving things around. The load might be as small as a few 50-pound bags of Livestock Feed or as large as a 5-ton tractor. Before you hook up and tow, here are some things to consider for towing:

Know Your Towing Weights

The first step to safe towing operation is determining your weights – how much both the load you plan to tow weighs, and how much the vehicle is capable of towing (you can often find this information printed on a metal plate or sticker on the vehicle itself).

Next, determine the load weight. For trailers, you will often find the empty weight listed and will either need to weigh the load at a scale or have a pretty good idea of how much cargo you are planning on carrying.

Add the Towing Numbers Together

You know how much you plan to tow and how much your vehicle is capable of towing. It’s simple math, right? Not exactly.

There are some terms you need to know:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), the maximum amount of total weight the vehicle can handle including towing and payload.
  • Tongue Weight (TW), the downward pressure on the ball by the trailer coupler.
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR), the total mass of everything — what you’re towing, what you’re putting in the cabin, and the passenger’s weight along with fuel.

Adding all these numbers together and matching it against the vehicle’s GCWR maximum will tell you whether you’re being safe or not.

Towing Safety Check List

There are several keys when hooking up a load. These keys are:

  • Check the hitch and ball, since hitches and balls come in different classes with different maximum weights.
  • Check that the brake lights, turn signals, and hazards are working properly.
  • Hook up the ball completely. Clamp it down and put a pin in the hitch to prevent it from popping free.
  • Cross chains for safety.
  • Level the load in the trailer.
  • Check tire pressure and wear and tear on all tires.

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