Keeping Equine Disease Free

The first step to keeping your equine healthy is ensuring that the herd is up to date on current vaccinations and boosters.This helps us as equine owners across the state have the ability to decrease the chances of everyone’s horses contracting a disease.

It is important to remember the prevention and exterminations of a disease begins with a vaccination. With this being said, if you are considering introducing a new horse in to your herd, be aware of the background, health records and exposure the equine may have prior to transportation to your facilities. Although you may have high expectations, it is always important to take those precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your farm.

If you plan to house broodmares, keep them secluded from the herd as much as possible as the foal will be very susceptible to contracting a disease that their immune system is not yet ready to handle. The easiest way to prevent disease on your farm is to maintain facilities properly and decontaminate feed/ water buckets, brushes, blankets, etc., as regularly as possible, especially if you are a boarding service. These are just a few ways to manage disease in your equine herd.

Consult with your local Stockdale’s feed and animal health specialist to help set up an effective vaccinations plan for your horses to help keep them healthy.