Keep your spreads separated

The best thing since sliced bread is often the tasty, homemade spreads you put on it.  With the end of summer comes the season of canning jams, jellies, preserves, conserves, marmalades and fruit butter.  But do you know which is which?  Here are a few hints to help you tell the difference and maybe you’ll want to try something new this canning season.

Jelly—Jelly is made from fruit juice.  It is usually clear and smooth and it’s often firm enough to hold shape.

Jam—Jams are made from crushed fruit, so they are not as clear as jelly.  While it’s fairly smooth, jam won’t hold its shape as well as jelly.

Preserves—Preserves are made with whole fruit that’s sliced and jarred in a softly jelled syrup.

Conserves—Conserves are jams, but they’re made from two or more different kinds of fruits.  Usually they have raisins or nuts added too.

Marmalades—Marmalades are preserves made with citrus fruit with oranges—sometimes event the peel—sliced and diced so it’s spreadable.

Fruit Butter—Fruit butter is another type of preserve. It’s usually brown rather than clear or brightly colored.  It’s made from pureed fruit cooked with sugar and plenty of spices.

Remember when you get ready to can this summer, check with your local Stockdale’s first.  We have the supplies for all your canning needs! Stop by and see us today!