Improve Your Lawn Now with Bonide’s 4-Phase Lawn Care Program

Without proper care, your lawn can quickly become a battleground between grass and weeds. Fortunately, each spring provides a new opportunity to take strides toward improving your lawn with the convenient Bonide 4-Phase Lawn care program.

Begin phase one in early spring with Crabgrass Preventer, a slow-release fertilizer. The product’s formula includes high nitrogen and iron that will give your lawn a deep green color in the coming year. It also provides for up to five months of prevention control from not only crabgrass, but also a number of other grasses and broadleaf weeds.


When late spring rolls around, it’s time for phase two, using Bonide’s Weed & Feed. This product kills dandelions and other broadleaf weeds and has a premium, slow-release nitrogen and potassium fertilizer with non-staining iron for deep greening.

Apply the third phase, Insect & Feed, during the summer months. This product kills a broad range of lawn insects, and provides up to four weeks of residual control. The 20 percent premium, slow-release fertilizer formula with nitrogen and high amounts of potassium to stimulate growth and reduces plant stress in the summer.

For the final phase, use the Winterizer in the fall months. This fertilizer protects and strengthens grass for a healthier spring. The formula includes a well-balanced nitrogen and phosphorus mix with non-staining iron and sulfur.

Each of the Bonide Lawn products includes the exclusive VITAL-X micronutrient package. Which is designed to provide essential mineral nutrient elements in a formula easily utilized by a broad range of turf and soil types. One of these six micronutrients, boron, unlocks the native phosphorus that is in the soil allowing turf grasses to better utilize the phosphorus for root development.

Save time and money with this limited-time offer and receive up to a $70 mail-in rebate when you purchase all four products of Bonide’s 4-Phase Lawn Care Program. Head to your local Stockdale’s now for your Bonide product and lawn care needs.