Grass Tetany Does Not Have to be Your Destiny

As we approach spring, the warmer weather calls for preventative measures to reduce the potential for cattle to develop the costly, often-deadly disease known as grass tetany.

Grass tetany is a complex metabolic disorder of cattle associated with a deficiency of magnesium in the blood and spinal fluid. This condition can occur at any time of the year, but is most often seen in early spring when periods of warmer weather cause rapid growth of cool-season grasses. Cattle eagerly consume this new growth, increasing their potential for magnesium deficiency.

Many cases of grass tetany are diagnosed “after the fact” when a cow is found dead in the pasture or the surrounding grass shows signs of a struggle but no signs of trauma to the animal.  Because of this, it is extremely important that cattle producers seek out high-magnesium supplements to begin feeding this time of the year.

Co-op’s Supreme Hi Mag Cattle Mineral (#638MA) is designed to provide supplemental vitamin and mineral nutrition to cattle consuming forage during grass tetany season. This includes additional magnesium to aid in the prevention of grass tetany. The Hi Mag Cattle Mineral also has vitamin and mineral levels that are specifically designed as a supplement to a sound forage program for healthy growth and development in young cattle, as well as body maintenance and milk production in older cattle.

Protect your cattle from grass tetany this spring with the help of products like Co-op’s Supreme Hi Mag Cattle Mineral. Head to your local Stockdale’s for your cattle needs!