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Game Bird Feeding Program

Quails, turkeys, pheasant, and other game birds are being raised throughout the state by wildlife enthusiasts, sportsmen, and individuals desiring the delicacy of such dishes.

With the Co-op Game Bird Feeding Program and proper management, game birds can be produced as economically as poultry. A good sanitation program and adequate housing are the most important elements in the proper care of game birds.

    Co-op Game Bird Starter Crumble (#194) is a small crumble designed to be fed free choice as the sole ration to game bird chicks and turkey poults. The ration contains PrimLac and is highly fortified with the necessary vitamins, trace minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and amino acids for fast growth, physical development and feathering of the young bird.  It also contains the medication Bacitracin for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency.

     Co-op Game Bird Grower/Finisher Crumble (#191) helps assure fast growth and feathering for mature finish quail, pheasants, and turkeys. It contains 50gm/ton of Bacitracin for increased rate of gain and improved feed efficiency in pheasants and turkeys. Item (#192) has 200 gm/ton of Bacitracin for the prevention of ulcerative enteritis in growing quail and to control transmissible enteritis in growing turkeys.

      Co-op Game Bird Breeder and Flight Conditioner Crumble (#196) is a non-medicated feed designed to maintain good condition and growth in birds being raised for release or breeding and to promote egg production in game birds and turkey breeder birds. This ration offers the professional or the amateur producer a high-quality, well-fortified breeder ration at a reasonable price.

When the eggs are saved for hatching purposes, begin feeding the hens additional calcium such as oyster shells one month before and throughout the laying season.

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