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Feeding Birds or Battling Squirrels?

One of the biggest challenges faced by most bird-feeding enthusiasts is how to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders. Chances are slim you will be 100 percent successful, no matter what you do, but here are some ways to improve your odds:

First, pick an area of your yard that offers some separation from your birdfeeders, and keep food there for squirrels.  Shelled corn, cob corn, peanuts, and of course, sunflower seeds are foods that appeal to them. The key to this strategy is to make sure the food supply is maintained.

A second line of defense is choosing a feeder type that is “squirrel proof.”  There are several feeders that are challenging for squirrels to invade, including tubular styles that are surrounded by a cage with openings large enough for smaller birds yet small enough to keep out squirrels. Chickadees, titmice, finches, and even the downy woodpecker will feed inside caged feeders. Another style features a “counter-balance” design that automatically closes feeder openings under the weight of the squirrel.

And lastly, the type of feed you provide can have a drastic influence. For example, safflower is highly desired by most all birds but not squirrels. Safflower also discourages blackbirds and starlings, notorious raiders of bird feeders.

These items, minus the squirrels, can be found at your local Stockdale’s. A variety of high-quality bird feed and bird feeders will entice a variety of colorful birds. Just keep the squirrel feeding area away from your bird feeders and everyone is happy.