Change Tags to Avoid Resistance


Fly tags are an efficient, economical way to control flies. It is a good practice to rotate compounds occasionally to prevent flies from building up resistance to the insecticides.

When you rotate tags, be sure to actually rotate compounds and not just brands. Fly tags use either an organophosphate or a pyrethroid compound as the active ingredient for control. The advantage of the organophosphate tag is that it can be used for three to four years before you need to change compounds. Pyrethroid tags can only be used for one year before flies begin to build up resistance. Tennessee is fortunate that most producers have done a good job periodically rotating tags thus controlling a build-up of resistant fly populations. Even though no new compounds have been introduced in several years, our tried and true products still perform very well.

Stockdale’s has a good selection of tags that fit every producer’s rotation schedule. Insecticide tags should be applied in late April to May for season-long control. To achieve best results, use tags in conjunction with other fly control methods. Backrubbers, and a good oral larvicide like #96623MA Supreme Hi Mag IGR Cattle Mineral round out a good fly control program. Talk to the folks at Stockdale’s to help tailor a fly control program that works for your specific needs.