Case is the Ideal Gift For Any Gentlemen On Your List!

Whether you’re slicing through twine or simply wiggling the time away, a good pocket knife is a necessity. And you won’t find any better than one made by Case. Case knives are dependable and highly sought by collectors.

And your local Stockdale’s and Case share important similarities. Both were founded by farmers and have roots in agriculture. They are committed to their small town roots, and each have dedicated employees who believe in their products and support their company’s mission. And both Stockdale’s and Case are focused on providing quality products that meet the needs of their customers.

Beneath the beauty of a case knife is a high-quality product. Early in the company’s history, Cases founder, a farmer named J. Russel Case, focused on the craftsmanship required to produce high-quality cutlery. The XX Mark, which is an integral part of the Case brand, refers to the tempering process that required two cycles in a high temperature oven to ensure the durability of steel. Today, much of the manufacturing process of Case knives is still done by hand by skilled artisans who produced some of the best knives on the market.

At a time when many manufacturers are going outside the U.S. to lower costs, often at the expense of quality, Case is dedicated to it small town routes, says Arrowsmith. The knives are still manufactured at Kay’s headquarters in Bradford PennsylvaniaThe knives are still manufactured at case headquarters in Bradford, Pennsylvania which has a population of about 10,000.

Stockdale’s offers a variety of Case knife patterns in several different handle materials, and many more are available by special order. Stop by to see our display of case knives to see what’s available. For general information about Case knives visit the company’s website at