Caring for Your Cowboy Hat

During the life of your cowboy hat, it will collect a lot of dirt, stains, and even water damage that should be cared for. Cleaning and following these simple guidelines can ensure that your hat will endure through your next big adventure.

Below are seven tips to help keep your cowboy hat looking good and wearing its best.


  1. To remove dust or surface dirt from a straw hat, simply wipe with a clean damp cloth. If it is a fur felt hat, use a soft brush starting at the left side of the hat and brush it counterclockwise toward the back and around again.
  2. Avoid exposure of heat from stoves, radiators, lamps, car windows, etc. The combination of heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband.
  3. Store your hat upside down on its crown, on a clean surface or in a box. Do not store it right side up on a flat surface, as this can cause the brim to flatten.
  4. If your straw hat gets wet, simply shake off the excess water. If it’s a fur felt hat, turn down the leather sweatband and stand the hat on the sweatband so it can dry naturally. While the hat is wet, don’t rest it on its brim as this could cause it to lose shape.
  5. To keep perspiration and hair dressing from penetrating to the outside of the straw, occasionally turn down the sweatband so it can dry between wearings.
  6. Should your fur felt hat become spotted with water or grease, clean it with a little baby talc or cornstarch, but no liquid cleaners!
  7. In order to keep your hat clean, hold the brim in front and back when putting it on or removing it; handle the crown as little as possible.


Best tip of all? Head to your local Stockdale’s for your hat care needs!