A Feeding Frenzy - Stockdales

A Feeding Frenzy

Food is one of the basic needs for the birds that visit your yard this winter. Providing feed for these birds adds a colorful attraction to your winter landscape and helps those that are unable to migrate or find a natural food supply survive the cold.

Here are some tips for winter bird feeding:

  • Once you start to provide food for birds, continue throughout the winter.
  • Provide only one type of food per feeder. Birds eating at feeders with mixed seed will select their favorites and discard the seeds they don’t want.
  • Do not feed birds spoiled leftovers, salty snacks, or sugary cereals.
  • Place feeders where you can watch birds from a comfortable location, but also keep their needs in mind. Birds need an escape route, so make sure you place feeders near shrubs or evergreen trees. Woody plants with thorns, such as roses, holly or hawthorn provide a refuge from predators such as cats.
  • Keep feeders clean to prevent diseases and deter pest. Disinfect occasionally with one-part chlorine bleach and nine parts lukewarm water; dry thoroughly before refilling.

Your local Stockdale’s has birdhouses, feeders, and other supplies to help you keep your feathered friends happy this winter. We also have a complete line of bird feed products to attract a diverse, colorful group of birds to your yard.