6 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

Whether you've gardening for a week or a decade, mistakes are inevitable. By fixing, you can see a great difference in your garden’s success this year!

1. Using disease-susceptible plants.
Gardens planted with attention to disease-resistant plants are much easier to maintain. Your local Stockdale’s and Extension office can also provide information about which plant diseases are most troublesome in your area.

2. Giving plants wrong exposure.
Some plants do very well in full, hot sun; others like shade. Analyze the conditions you have in your garden and choose plants accordingly.

3. Planting too early.
The first warm days of spring often lure gardeners outside and tempt them to plant before the time is right. Seeds that are planted in cold soil can rot before they germinate. Look up the hardiness or minimum acceptable temperatures for your plants – and don’t rush into spring!

4. Planting too close together.
Novice gardeners often set out too many young plants in order to give their garden that full and finished look. Once the plants reach full size, however, the garden looks overcrowded. Properly spaced plants look and grow better and are less vulnerable to disease.

5. Not cutting or straightening roots before planting.
Container-grown plants need special attention when they are set out in the garden. In a container, a plant’s roots can’t grow very far before they hit the side of the pot and turn. At planting, these roots should be straightened out as much as possible.

6. Not weeding.
Controlling weed growth in your flower and vegetable beds early in the season promotes vigorous, healthy growth of your desired plants. Weeds inhibit other plants’ development by competing for water, nutrients, and sunlight.

Don’t let these simple mistakes affect your garden this year! Head to Stockdale’s for your gardening needs!