4 Simple Steps to Create a Home for Your Chicks

  1. Get a Container
    • A large cardboard box, kiddie pool or tub will work as long as it will keep the chick from jumping out
  2. Add Bedding to the Bottom
    • Pine shavings or shredded newspaper are great choice. Providing traction helps prevent problems like “spraddle leg” from developing. Don’t make it so deep that the chicks can’t move around freely.
  3. Provide Food and Water
    • If the water dish is too deep add pebbles to the bottom to prevent the chick from drowning. Manna Pro’s Chick Starter (Medicated or Non-Medicated) is specifically formulated with the proper amount of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals for healthy chicks.
  4. Situate a Heat Lamp Over the Brooder
    • Watch the chicks to determine the best placement for the heat lamp. If they’re huddled directly underneath the lamp, they are too cold and the lamp should be lowered to provide more hear.