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Hare Care

There are so many dogs and cats in the world, sometimes we forget that people also enjoy other kinds of pets — like rabbits. In the “old days,” no self-respecting barnyard would be caught without a sturdy, wood-and-wire hutch containing…

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It’s time to begin your fly control program

For grazing cattle in the Southeast, warmer weather often signals the onset of those annoying flying pests during the months commonly referred to as “fly season.” In our area, fly season typically runs from the last frost in the spring to…

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Pinkeye control means multifaceted approach

For cattle producers, spring is the season of several concerns, not the least of which is pinkeye. Though pinkeye can be a tough disease to control, a thorough understanding will make dealing with this troublesome bacterial infection less frustrating. Pinkeye…

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Landscaping tips for April

Spring is here! Now is the time to prepare your yard for warm temperatures and new growth. Here are some tips to help create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy all summer. Flowers and Plants Spring is the best time…

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Common grass seeding mistakes

A well-kept lawn improves the overall appearance of your home. Unfortunately, depleted soil cannot successfully grow turfgrass and leaves your lawn looking barren. A number of factors — such as pH level, lack of nutrients, and soil type — can…

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Scales Take Guesswork Out of Livestock Management

Livestock management involves many important duties, and having an accurate weight on these animals is one of them. Therefore, it’s recommended that livestock producers utilize scales. As our friends at Tru-Test, one of Stockdale’s scale manufacturing partners, say, “You can’t…

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Guard Against Grass Tetany this Spring

Warmer days and more hours of daylight will be a welcome sight for cattlemen who have battled the cold and mud this winter. Spring pasture growth will soon follow, bringing with them the potential for grass tetany. Also referred to…

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Time for Dormant Oil Application to Fruit Trees

The time is here for home fruit growers to make their annual dormant oil application on selected fruit trees and small fruit species. This is one of the most important sprays that can be applied to fruit trees, and one…

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Jumpstart spring with late-winter lawn, garden care

March is almost here — the month when lawns and gardens begin waking up and those with “green thumbs” start itching to get outdoors. While the strong possibility of frosty nights and freezing weather still persists, there are many tasks…

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